Friday, September 28, 2007

Poland Not Eligible for the 2009 Diversity Visa Lottery

Poland Not Eligible for the 2009 Diversity Visa Lottery

Klania sie Lech Bajan z Washington DC

a co Polish American Congress robi wtej sprawie zgadza sie i przekazuje informacje?

Washington DC; Polish American Congress; 9/28/07 -- For the third
consecutive year Poland is not included in the Diversity Visa Lottery. The
reason remains the same as in previous years – excess of visas granted to
Polish citizens in the years when Poland participated in the Program.

The Diversity Visa Lottery is congressionally mandated and administrated
annually by the Department of State (DS) according to the provisions of the
Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The DS’ Web
site states: “Section 203(c) of the INA provides a maximum of up to 55,000
Diversity Visas (DV) each fiscal year to be made available to persons from
countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. (…) Within
each region, no one country may receive more than seven percent of the
available Diversity Visas in any one year”. According to the same source,
Poland is not eligible to participate in this year’s edition of the program
as more than 50,000 immigrants from that country received their visas to the
U.S. over the period of the previous five years.
As a Pole living in the United States since 1987 I am shocked and offended by this injustice which takes place in the USA, the country which is to be the symbol of freedom and social justice.

Why is this system so sick? Where was the Polish minority in America then? Is this how our cooperation should look like? Did the Founding Fathers want THIS? Are these those ‘special relations’ between Poland and the United States? Is this why Poland is the main partner in the coalition with the USA? Is this why Poland sends her troops to Kosovo, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Golan Heights, Panama and many other places in the world?

Is this why 20 Polish soldiers died in Iraq? Is this why General Kosciusko and General Pulaski fought for freedom of this country? Is this why Polish soldiers fought and died in the WWII on all battlefields against Nazi Germany constituting the 4th army in the allied forces?

Is this how you thank us for destruction of communism and bringing freedom to many countries of the world? Is this why we agree on the location of the new anti-ballistic shield in Poland?

Here, in the USA, you close your eye on terrorists, drug dealers, criminals, while deporting an honest, hard-working Polish family living in the USA for 21 years, a mother with 5 children. This is sick, inhumane, immoral and difficult to understand for every person with a common sense.

What is Polish American Congress doing in that matter? They eat pierogi and bigos, and raise toasts in the Polish Embassy in Washington, that’s all. And these are the results.

Where is any legal help? If that family had been given any legal help in time, they would not have been deported. Where is the co-operation with Polish government and Polish Families’ League?

What is the Committee for Cooperation with Polish Emigrants doing? Here, in the USA, and in Europe, anti-Polish media slander Poland and Poles right in the face. But our Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Polish Embassy in Washington and the Polish Congress in the USA do nothing about it.
Alex Lech Bajan

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