Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poland takes tough stand on American anti-missile shield

Klania sie Lech Bajan z Washington DC

Bardzo dobrze. Polacy maja prawo do negocjacji.

Poland takes tough stand on American anti-missile shield

Created: Wednesday, September 5. 2007

The Polish government is presenting itself as a tough negotiator in talks with Washington on the anti-missile shield in central Europe, of which the 10 interceptor rockets will be placed in Slupsk, northern Poland.

Warsaw says it is imposing tough conditions on the United States and the Americans are becoming more willing to accommodate Poland’s conditions.

Above all, the government says it is fighting for a considerable increase in military aid.

This change in negotiating tactics has been confirmed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Robert Szaniawski: “This change has occurred, indeed. The Americans agree with Polish ideas of broader co-operation,” he said

Poland’s three most important conditions are: firstly, the base is to be Poland’s property and it is to be subject to Polish law. Secondly, Polish taxpayers are not to left with any costs. And thirdly, Poland is expecting profit and not donations.

Polish negotiators have repeatedly said that they want Patriot missiles or some other similar air defense to protect the country from eventual attacks in return for positioning the missile defense shield on Polish soil.

The most important part of the negotiations is to take place on Thursday.

Military analyst Bartlomiej Weglarczyk told Polish Radio that he thinks that that the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party will want to reach a reach a compromise with the US before parliamentary elections this autumn.

”We obviously know that the present government is very much in favor of the missile defense and of course we also know that the people who run the parliamentary campaign for PIS have decided a long time ago that the missile defense will be part of that campaign. So, I think they would be ready to sign a deal before the elections, just to use it in the campaign.’

Opinion polls, however, have shown a clear majority are against the system being placed on Polish soil.

The United States are striving for the deployment of US launchers of interceptor rockets in Poland as well as a radar station in the Czech Republic.