Friday, February 15, 2008

Lech Kaczynski - Poland must not give in to Russia’s pressure

Lech Kaczynski - Poland must not give in to Russia’s pressure

15.02.2008 11:58
Poland’s head of state calls for the government not to bend to pressure from Moscow after President Putin remarked yesterday that missiles would be pointed at Warsaw if it went ahead with stationing the US anti-missile shield on Polish soil.

President Lech Kaczyński said that it is very important how Poland reacts to Russian President’s words. As he explained the government and public opinion shouldn’t give in under this pressure.

According to Kaczyński, Putin’s stance shouldn’t influence Polish-American negotiations concerning the anti-missile shield. The President believes that Poland should agree to locating the elements of the defence system on its territory as it serves Poland’s security.

The Polish President added also that in view of the Kremlin’s threats, the government should re-think Poland’s new, lenient policy towards Russia, spearheaded by PM Donald Tusk. According to him, Poland should be firm and not react to statements similar to the one by Putin.

Unofficially NATO diplomats describe Vladimir Putin’s words on the possibility of Russian aiming missiles at alliance members as unacceptable. Officially, however, NATO hasn’t commented on the Russian President’s statement.