Friday, February 22, 2008

Cuban compensation would be crazy

Cuban compensation would be crazy
Imagine if wealthy Central and Eastern Europeans -- whose wealth was confiscated after the Second World War -- convinced Brussels to financially strangle the new European democracies after the Iron Curtain dropped until they coughed up on ancient land claims?
The Cuban embargoes, and demands for restitution from its impoverished people, is equivalent to holding Poland or the Czechs and Hungarians to ransom for regimes they could not overthrow.
It is especially perplexing, and unjustifiable, given that Washington has forgiven another Cold War enemy -- Vietnam where 60,000 Americans died. That country has been brought into the global economic fold, and recognized by Washington even though it remains an undemocratic, communist nation with questionable human rights protections.
But Cuba is an irrational corner of American policy-wonking, and the beat goes on. Here are statements on Tuesday by America’s four most prominent politicians after news of Castro’s resignation reached them: