Friday, August 15, 2008

Radio Maryja with community for over 5 million people in Poland and all over the world.

Radio Maryja with community for over 5 million people in Poland and all over the world.

Nasz Dziennik, 2007-09-16

A few questions politically incorrect...

1. Those who listen to Radio Maryja know that the radio station does not identify with any political party. People from various backgrounds, circles speak on the air, even those who belong to various political societies. Of course you will hear words of critique on the air; their target is not any particular political party and its structures but the morale of specific persons irrespective of their political attachments. This critique is delivered in the spirit of Gospel, that is not just a "sweet story about Jesus", who pats everyone on the head and agrees with everyone, but as an evaluation of human attitudes that Jesus himself conducted, very often very harshly, e.g. when he called King Herod "a fox", and the Pharisees - "grobami pobielanymi". Additionally, it's not Radio Maryja that identifies with a specific political party but it's the liberal media that tries to identify Radio Maryja with some political groups! It is worth noting that various media identified Radio Maryja with different political parties at different times, always simply to discredit the radio station by attaching its name to a chosen political party. This is why mass media attempts to convince the public of the Catholic station's supposed political outlook.

2. The "criticism" of Radio Maryja in the media usually comes down to labeling it as "xenophobic radio" or "voice of hatred". The truth is that the radio station sometimes airs harsh criticism of actions of some groups operating in Poland and outside; the Torun based station never calls for any hatred towards anybody, especially any nations! Additionally, those that speak or are quoted on the air are people from different countries, speaking different languages, who love the truth and are its advocates in the name of true and pure brotherhood and cooperation between the nations. There was a time when a well-known actor publicly declared his surprise when he heard that Radio Maryja is spreading hatred towards other nations. He stated he never heard any such things at Radio Maryja. Nothing less, nothing more. This only leaves a question: when will someone finally present proof to support the allegation that Radio Maryja calls for hatred towards other nations? Or maybe someones will have to face the truth and apologize for distributing slander against the Torun-based radio station?

3. One of the most serious, and at the same time the strangest allegations against Radio Maryja is that it is breaking the unity of Church. Meanwhile Radio Maryja's contribution to uniting worshippers in Poland and around the world is extremely valuable. Unity of Church is not a static value but a reality requiring constant development. Gospel and the word of God, propagating healthy teachings of the Church, participation in sacristy, prayer, caring for the underprivileged, and finally declaration of Christianity that is given not only by clergy but also by laics, are meant to build that unity. Is there any other Polish or international media that spreads Gospel, the Pope's teachings, lectures and speeches of the bishops, katechezy given based on the Catholic Church Katechizm, commentaries and biblical meditation daily? How much more can you contribute to the strengthening of the unity of Church?

4. In all this current medial noise it is often difficult to see the fact that those media that often take great care to promote the unity of Church are those used to propagate atheism. They eagerly allow speaking the members of the clergy that, worried about the good of the worshippers, spread. These clergymen act with good intentions when they try to use any possible newspaper, magazine, radio or television station to propagate Catholicism, without paying any attention to the anti-religious profile of some of these media. It must be remembered that the means never justify the ends - the media as well! Those members of the clergy that appear in magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations that often spread anti-Christian texts cause the disturbances in the Church unity causing confusion amongst the believing mass media recipients. In this way they are authenticating those communicators that are fighting against the Church and the truth of the Gospel. Why is such little attention being paid to the dangers that result from the activities of antagonistic mass media, which misshape the image of the Church and try to divide the believers?

5. Radio Maryja is a public broadcaster; its operation is possible thanks to donations from the listeners that speak on the air. It is a stage that allows Catholics to partake in the evangelism, and with that - in unifying the Church. Thanks to the radio station they have a way to influence the public, political, cultural, and educational activities of Poles in Poland and around the world. Is there a better mean of public communication encouraging Catholics to - according to the teachings of the Church - take responsibility for the political and public life in the name of justice and Christian love?

6. To paraphrase a famous American preacher, Archbishop Fulton John Sheen we ca say that if you want to see what if holiest in the world take a look at what is most persecuted. Radio Maryja is persecuted not because someone spoke unfortunate words on the air, lied to the listeners, or disrespected someone (in laic mass media this is standard practice) but because it is through the radio station that the Gospel is spread around the world. If Radio Maryja and its founders were not a danger to the society of atheists that is trying by all means to make Poland and the world a society of atheists, we would not be persecuted. If the truths spoken on the air had no real value, were not real, good, truthful land faithful, they would not be attacked, falsified, and laughed at. If it wasn't for Radio Maryja, the Polish Church would be virtually helpless and silent, following the example of the traditionally strong Irish Church, whose "evangelical power" and the influence on the daily life are weakening because - as stated by one the lecturers at a seminary academy at Maynooth - they do not have access to media or laic capable of protecting the Church in public. Whose interests lie in weakening or even annihilating Radio Maryja?

Fr Prof. Dr. hab. Ryszard Hajduk CSsR